Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shades of gray

Not everything is what it seems. Not everything in this world is black and white. There are shades of gray. The optical illusion above shows that it seems that A is in a darker shade of gray and B is in a lighter shade of gray. But the gray lines on the side shows that they actually are of the same shade (true check out the % gray in your monitor if you want:-) ). One would realize and reason that "ah ok dahil sa shadow" it is because of the shadow that made the B of the same shade as A. But our eyes deceive us. Why? I think because of preconceived notions. Our minds tells us things. Our world view defines what we see. Even if the actual logical reason is already there in front of us. The solution to our illusion there but still our stubborn "worldview" and concepts that we hold on to prevent us to see objectively, sometimes.

The past week I've been meaning to write the many insights that has been pouring in. But I guess I was trying to get a grasp of these messages and been waiting for the right moment to write about them. Inspiration to write often comes but I was resistant in many ways.

Black and white. The world is gray. There are many shades of gray. I bet there has been thinkers and sages before me who have written something about the topic at hand. I will refer you to them if you want, look up Kant. But this would just be a sharing of how I received several insights through different mediums saying this gas-gas na linya. I was just amazed that in a span of one week, every day I encountered these messages. But I will only share the ones for public consumption. Of course :-).

In Supernaturals the TV series, they hunt "evil things" and eliminate them like ghost busters as it were. At one point they encountered a "humane" vampire who doesnt feed on human blood and just feed on cows. Shades of gray. The brothers chose not to.

In Grey's Anatomy, Bailey missed her son's first something. She as a doctor had to do a pro bono operation on another child in the hospital. She said in a black and white world in the eyes of her husband she missed a milestone in their child's life.

Not everything is what it seems. Not everything is black and white.

A beautiful like gray.

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Sidney said...

“The color of truth is gray.”
-Andre Gide-