Tuesday, April 24, 2007

flying fiesta

Secure your shoes!

We went to Enchanted Kingdom (EK) last weekend. Tatay had a ride-all-you-can pass. While moi Nanay and Isay just roamed around. But we did ride the carousel. More on that in the coming post. It was hot and humid as ever in the Philippines. But we did enjoy an afternoon out at EK. A bit pricey for me but Tatay never visited EK so I guess it was worth it in a way. There were the old classic rides while some have closed down. There are some new rides worth to try out.

The first time I went to EK was circa 1996. Wow! having said that, I realized it is now more than ten years ago. I distinctly remember flying fiesta, I am seated at this suspended seat with only a small iron bar in front of me for security. I wanted to go down the instant that the ride started. I felt I will be thrown off althrough out the ride. Haay, but that was then. Last weekend we just watch Tatay who looked like a little boy giddy with excitement at the rides.

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Sidney said...

Now, THAT looks fun !