Monday, April 23, 2007

at the space shuttle

The first and last time I rode the space shuttle was circa 1996. Hahaha. The ride was less than two minutes. This last weekend I just took pictures. Amazed that it still looks the same after more than 10 years!!! It was after that ride that I read that it was 11 storeys high. No wonder the people on the ground look like the size of a small bug.


Sidney said...

Scary! I will never ride this !

Senor Enrique said...

Don't tell me you got on it! Just looking at it makes my stomach turn ... aaargh! I'm too old for such things ... hehehe!

Daisy said...

Yes Sidney!

Indeed it is scary! I dont want to ride again :) hehehe.

Senor Enrique, even ten years before I felt I was old for EK hehehehe :) Imagine beside me (circa 1996) in most of the rides were very young students from IS little girls just out of kindergarten. Haay.