Monday, April 09, 2007

An Easter

It was one long weekend and holiday for some. It was a time to go through the traditions for some. It was time to rest for some. It was time to reflect and meditate. This year was none of the above for me (or so I thought). In my mind I was planning to maybe go home to Laguna but I dont want baby Isay in a bus together with the mass exodus to the provinces. Aside from time spent with family, everything was ordinary. But I guess, the available time I had the past week made me reflect more about things. Small things seemed magnified. More questions brew in my mind that manifested as stress in different forms. Writing seems to bring comfort but I was unable to write the past week.

Easter came and I felt I was just going through the motions of the traditions. My heart was unprepared. My spirit was down, it always seems so during lent. Many things bothered me recently. Small domestic things seem intolerable, brewing anxiety at uncertainty. Anyway there were other things to attend to.

I bought the Sunday paper then I set it aside for reading later. Thank God for friends, we were invited to an Easter ballet performance of a friend's daugther at Eastwood and Market Market! We had a great time then we had a really good dinner at North Park afterwards.

When we got home, it was then that it hit me. I realized that I always receive my messages in the most uncanny and unexpected ways. I was unprepared to receive an answer I needed.

Reading the comic strip of Full House, it says: "You forget all that when you focus on what really matters. Don't sweat the small stuff."

I was moved at the familiar words. I didn't expect that receiving the message at the time that you most needed it, can be that powerful. I felt that the message filled a gap. As if completing a sentence I am struggling with. It made me realize to once again learn to appreciate what matters most. In my reluctance to open up, I was humbled.

Even in my resistance, my insignificant self received an affirmation: that I am loved. A great Easter affirmation.

Indeed He makes all things new.


Sidney said...

Holy Week is always a bit spcial. An ideal time to take it easy and to reflect about life.

Daisy said...

Hi Sidney! Indeed it is. Thanks for visiting.