Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This was during my last visit at Batad with good friends from Palawan. I missed them thus this post. Coming back from our waterfalls visit that morning, we rested and enjoyed the spectacular view of the terraces in a small store perch in the middle of the mountain side. The view was vast and awesome.
Every visit to the Cordillera is different and special. My first time to visit Banaue was when I was just 8 years old with family. I took lots of photos and shared some of them in my other blog Pinay Mountain Chef.


Sidney said...
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Sidney said...

Wow! You have different blogs!
Looks like good company!

Daisy said...

Hi Sidney,

It was just recently that I decided to have a food/travel blog while this one will be more dedicated to musing, pondering and other reflections :O)

Thanks for visiting. I saw your pictures of Catanauan ang galeng!

Jeryc Garcia said...

Hi, Kai! :)