Saturday, March 31, 2007


I've watched all the 18 episodes of Heroes. I've never followed any TV series for the longest time. We are without TV for almost 2 years it was just recently that we had. Thanks to dsl I was able to watch and complete this series. Heroes is brilliant!

I love Hiro Nakamura. I love him not just because he is Asian, I love his character, as he is sincere, honest and totally down to earth. He just makes me smile. Sobra. I can just go on raving about Hiro. Among all the powers these "ordinary" people have, I would love to have the one that Hiro has--teleportation. Although spontaneous regeneration like Claire Bennet or invisibility and telekinesis and flying like Peter Petrelli are nice to have too.

By the way, have you guys passed by C5 there is this huge Maldita billboard and the model looks so much like Peter.

I can't wait for episode 19th they say it will be released on April 23 pa.

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