Sunday, February 04, 2007

food and what nots

When I was a young girl, when at the end of the meal I still have food on my plate, my lola would say "mabubusong ka". This means that I will have sort of bad luck, that I will not be able to receive food in the future because I did not respect the food that was provided for me, by not showing respect to the food and eating it all. In my mind, I silently thought, I really cannot finish all of the food, otherwise I will throw up. But I cannot say this out loud or I will be scolded for not respecting my elders. The lesson is "do not get more than you can eat". But if I remember it right, I know it was someone else who put all these food on my plate in the first place. I think these days I've learned my lesson not to take more than I can chew. Para hindi masayang. But there are days that the actual person is not the one who put things in one's own plate.

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