Monday, February 26, 2007

down espana

Going to the dentist seems to be, more often than not, something people always postpone. But today I am happy that I didn't. I realized that having a personal relationship with your dentist really helps to eliminate the doubt and dilema of "to go or not to go". I surprised myself later after my treatment that I actually planned my next visit soon. Another unique thing is that my dear dentist clinic is along Vicente Cruz right in the heart of Manila.

I cannot remember the last time that I was in Espana (Manila hahaha). Honestly, I am trying to recall when was the last time I passed through, but I truly cannot. Vaguely, I think I was there when I was with Kaila to buy those wonderful murano beads in Quiapo. Despite the traffic, I look forward to the possibility of going to Quiapo for its distinct color, pulsating masses and masses of interesting people, and of course the great buys.

I am happily surprised when Rolyn my dentist brought me to Suki Market instead!

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