Monday, January 15, 2007

At a birthday party

A good friend celebrated her birthday last Friday. There was an impromtu pot luck dinner sponsored by her 5 yr old. The little girl prepared all the trimmings a hand written banner and drawings of flowers pasted on the wall. Yaya prepared that to-die for pasta with walnuts and smoked cheese plus homemade eggplant parmigiana (tama ba spelling?) While the friends brought other good stuff. We brought homemade chicken-tofu-carrot siomai. These group of friends have in one way or the other opted for a good lifestyle change going organic and being vegetarians. Well some are still chickenetarians.

Of course as the night went on the conversation went about our concerns when we were in college or high school. It seems that during that time concerns were very different. We had a great laugh thinking about our worst concerns. One is "nalaman ng crush mo na crush mo siya" hahaha as if the whole world fell apart at that time parang pinasukluban ka na ng langit at lupa. Hahahaha. Our tummies ache.

Oh well, things does change and our perspective of things are turned around that sometimes what was relevant then is really irrelevant. It was a good memory to recall because we had a good laugh. Now with our own families the world seems different that the concern is not more of the self but of family and our children.

We brought Isay to her most late night party. I guess she really enjoyed the super friends company. Of course the pahabol Christmas gifts.

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