Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pasko na naman

Whenever Christmas is approaching one cannot help but be nostalgic. Many childhood memories both happy and unhappy are formed and fashioned during the season past. Pasko is always associated with home-- of coming back home. Wherever we are, however old we are, at this time of the year, we long to go back home. Traditions and family are highlighted and sometimes unintentionally creating a space for longing if we do not have these in our lives. Sometimes the emptiness is palpable because of the contrast.

All my memories of Pasko was in Alaminos. I've always celebrated this day with beloved ones at our old ancestral home. We've never had extravagant celebrations only some portion of good food and blessings of family is enough to keep everyone happy. Except for the past two years. Since Inay died two years ago, each Christmas seemed to be different. Only this year that I realized that my home during Christmas is Inay herself. And the emptiness that fills my heart is part of longing for Inay.

Now, as we build our own family, I realized that I am in the process of creating our own memories. Building new ones and remembering the old ones. And the cycle goes on.

But then again, Christmas is not really about memories, it is about God's love for us. Preparing our hearts to receive the blessing of the coming of the Child. And the message of hope that He brings, that heaven is our home.

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