Thursday, December 07, 2006

Elephants can not climb trees

I really wanted to write something about elephants. Anyway I was influenced to do some research about them before. At that time, I noted from reading NGS that the main difference between Asian and African elephants are their ears. Asian elephants have smaller ears. So there you go. My small bit on elephants. For the record I am really facinated by elephants. I can't wait until we can all go on safari to Africa to see them in their natural habitat.

Never been to Africa but I made friends with Sybille from Zanzibar. We met in Dumaguete there we rode on a tricyle that konked out in the middle of a dirt road and I remember telling her no worries and added "hakuna matata". She was so surprised and said "Oh! you speak Swahili". And then I said "No. I don't I just watched Lion know Lion King?" The she said looking very confused "No I don't". My smile was up to my ears back then. Well it pays to watch cartoons.

Anyway back to my original story. Another thing that made me interested in elephants and look them up again is the remark in Survivor Cook Islands by Yul about why elephants can't climb trees. Oh well, then my research led me to this Elephant Orphanage.

Awww these are Asian elephants.

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