Sunday, October 08, 2006

About things

There were some insights that I learned today. I guess I already knew these before but I was reminded once again

About winning games: strength of spirit and character over physical strength. You can be strong even if you are weak physically.

About beauty: for my own definition, I believe that the measure of beauty comes from within. Inner beauty as compared to skin-deep beauty is what really matters. The disposition of your heart when you talk about friends and family.

About respect: respect for other people's privacy. We all are entitled to our own. Thus, we must be really carefull in drawing the line between wanting to help someone who might not be ready to accept any that is unsolicited which can be interpreted as intruding into another person's privacy. Even if you are intimate friends for the longest time. And yes even if it is your brother or sister.

About correction: criticize in private and praise in public. When correcting people, do it in the most loving manner. It is better to be kind than correct.

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