Sunday, September 17, 2006


Recently I've been watching "Moms" on Qtv 11. The time slot is good because it is at the end of the day. I find myself really watching specially when the discussion of the talk show is about the many complex issues and challenges of being a mom. I guess I find myself looking for answers in books, through fellow moms and the like because all of my Nanay figures and role models that I look up to regarding motherhood in my immediate family have gone to heaven. I was moved by the experience of the mothers who bared their souls and shared their stories.

I realized that God sent the answers to some of my innermost self-questions of motherhood through the sharings of these moms. I was amazed that my own (for my own time pondering) questions were being answered. My sense of inadequacy for my little one slowly disappear as I learn that many moms are going through the same similar struggles emotionally and physically.

These are some of the messages of the moms to their children:

"Pray. Take risk. Don't be afraid to take risk and make mistakes because we learn a lot by making mistakes"--Lisa Macuja-Elizalde

"Be the best that you can be in life, by doing so, you will not only honor your parents but you will also honor God"--Tetchie Agbayani

While reading the week-old newspaper last Sunday, I stumbled upon the stories about the winners of the 56th Palanca Awards. I found this qoute in an article about Rosario Torres Yu sharing that her panganay cried when she read the essay that she wrote that won the Palanca Award "Batang Tundo".
"Tama nga si Lualhati Bautista, hindi nga nakakapagpakilala ang mga ina sa kanilang mga anak"

Naisipan ko rin na magsulat para balang araw ay makapagpakilala naman ako sa aking anak sa pamamagitan ng pagsulat.

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