Sunday, June 04, 2006


Forgiveness is not forgetting an injustice done; it is the understanding that allows us to set aside the emotional impact of that injustice pertaining to ourselves. When we no longer hold those emotions, and have understanding for the person, we have forgiven them.
--Moon Singer

I've been pondering on a recurring issue of forgiveness. I know that I have been a recipient of kindness and of forgiveness. It is really hard to be human. I now deeply appreciate why we should pray the Our Father daily. I believe it is to constantly remind us that we are forgiven and in turn must forgive.

The complex dynamics of life sometimes makes it hard to practice this.

It took a few days for me to stumble upon an answer to some questions playing in my head the past days. It was mostly about how one can just forget and forgive. But as the verse aptly says it is a process of understanding. This process I think is not timebound for most people.

I remember another qoute that goes: we forgive not something we do for other people, we do it for ourselves, to get well and move on.

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