Sunday, May 07, 2006


My monthly pre-natal check ups at the Delgado Hospital are now forthnightly. I am on my 34 to 35 weeks. It is always a bit crazy when we go to the doctor's clinic. Delgado is known to be a hospital for mother's-to-be. Since it caters to more of the "masses", patients are always over flowing in the cramped waiting room. In the back of my mind, I think I chose this particular hospital because of the unique mother and baby sculpture they have out front that I always notice years before when the jeepney I am riding passes by Kamuning street. But even now that there is no more sculpture, I still chose this hospital because huge expensive hospitals like Capitol Med or St. Lukes in my opinion are over rated and to say that these hospitals are expensive is an understatement. We cannot afford them (period).

I guess you could say after 6 months visiting my OB Gyn, I already know the routine. The clinic hours are 10 to 12 am but I learned to arrive at 11:30am and I will still arrive a few minutes earlier than my doctor. The waiting room is full of expectant nanays and tatays including toddlers that cannot be left alone in the house. Since the doctors clinics are small, there are about 8 clinics with just one, yes (1) small waiting room. The clinics are not just OB but includes a few Pedia, a Dentist, a couple of Cardio so you can just imagine the mixture of patients mingling and waiting at the (low roof) lobby. As you wait before your name is called, even if you close your ears (if you can) you'll be updated on the latest news and experience of the patients.

Eventually your name will be called and it is a rush of things. Blood pressure and weight monitored, questions asked, papers filled up.

Sometimes a bit disorienting and one can only move so fast with all the tummy protruding hehehe.

Then the monitoring of the fetal heart beat and when you hear that "life beat", the reality comes before you again, that there is actually two hearts beating within. A beat that reminds you that things will be alright, that God is in control and that He is taking care of her.

A miracle of life waiting to be born.


Joni said...

hi Day! looks like you're having a great time enjoying your preggy months! hehe! sarsap ba feeling ng buntis? mukhang mas super exciting kesa sa wedding ah! Godbless you and Amats always! i hope you can still come to our wedding! miss yah!

Daisy said...

Hi Joni!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Being pregnant is a mix of things i guess. but I really do appreciate the experience-- to be initiated into motherhood :O)

Your wedding preps are in full gear! Thanks for inviting us ni Amats-- we really wish we could go. We received the email :O) thanks so much. Our prayers are with you both! God bless.

we miss you too sis!