Friday, May 05, 2006

Baby Jane

My niece Baby Jane 1 yr and 5 months old has been confined to the hospital since the other night. Yesterday I went to visit my sister and my "pamangkin". It was a very small room, airconditioned ( at least a respite from the heat from the house in Frisco for them), my sister I guess was a bit emotionally stressed as I found her talking to a resident doctor. Later in the afternoon, the Pedia arrived saying that little Jane have unusually high bacterial count in her blood for a baby. The doctor together with two other nurse examined my little niece. All this time she was patiently just following what they would do with curious eyes (since she just woke up from afternoon nap and an occasional creased eyebrows) it is hard to know what is really bothering her for she isn't talking yet just a few words. But she can point to her tummy or throat or if she wants something. She didn't cry all this time until they poked her throat and got something white. Anyway, I realized how hard it is for mothers and doctors also to know what is happening when the patient cannot say what is happening.

Last night just before we went home, Amats and I prayed over baby Jane and layed our hands on her for her healing. It has been a while since I layed hands on the sick and it was different for the little person we are praying for is playing with our out streched hands. I just felt reassured after that all shall be well. God bless you Baby Jane.

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