Thursday, December 08, 2005

Remembering Inay

Today is Inay's birthday. Inay actually is my Tita Ching who helped my parents in raising me up together with my Lola Abeng. I think I won't ever forget her birthday because her name is "Concepcion" named after the feast we are celebrating today.

Inay was a simple woman who didn't have much in life but I grew up under her care and love. I was witness to her generosity, patience and struggles in life that made her strong. It has been over a year now since she passed away. I've seen four deaths in my family, all of whom women very close to me, my youngest sister (1984), my mother(1989), my lola (1988) and Inay (2004). I would like to honor these women who have gone before me. Today, I realized that the way they lived their lives have helped me to be the person I am today. I thank God for the lessons I learned from them and the love that nourished me through these women.

Today, we celebrate a woman whose life is an example of simplicity, humility and love Mama Mary.


silayan said...

dear daisy, bagong discover ko yung blog mo at ngayon daily ritual ko na shang basahin! it gives me such a rich flavor of home. at dahil sa yo na-discover ko rin ang blog ng sister ko (biruin mo, di ko man lang alam!) a kay randee(which has also been salvation and grace). paki-email pala sa kin snailmail addy nyo ni amats nang maipadala namin ang aming krismas kard :) labs en ingats, aimee

Daisy said...

Hi Aimee,

Natuwa naman ako at na-discover mo itong blog :O) at nabasa mo rin ang blog ni Aloy at Randee.

I just write about everyday things here in my blog and when i read it, i realize ang daming blessing in small and simple things.

I am happy also to hear from El and read your email that you are havin your second baby. Ingat. Mainit na yakap mula Pilipinas :O)

labs, day
(email ko na lang our postal addy.)