Friday, November 04, 2005


Home sweet home, it is always great to be home again. Despite the long and tedious journey, I feel really blessed to have a home to come back too. Every travel and every journey is an opportunity to see beautiful places and experience new cultures and meet great new friends. But above all these, I come home with more appreciation of what we have here. Despite the many things that might discourage others to go back the perennial political turmoil and poverty, there is still no place else to be, but home—in the Philippines.

Never in any of my trips before that I yearned to eat rice and galunggong and when I got back I ate lots of adobo and rice. Yes, it is proven that I cannot survive without plain steamed rice. I love rice. I felt so weak not eating rice for so long. Even the Chinese “takeaways” they have different kind of rice. My Mexican friends Hudson said poor Daisy she only gets “snacks”. Because I told her that without rice for me it is not a meal and every lunch we were served with sandwiches. But in fairness, we were served with gourmet sandwiches—my favorite was avocado with alfalfa and cheese and we had veggie sandwich choices. But still, there is no rice.


miranila said...

Hey Day,

Welcome back. Ako ay nahihilo na sa mga byahe mo. Can't keep track of where you are na hahaha

Tama ka talaga about rice. A local stand up comic, Tim Tayag, says that us Pinoys were born to eat rice. That's why we have those lines on our fingers: it's sole purpose is to measure how much water goes with the rice during cooking.

Daisy said...

Hi Earnest,

Thanks for dropping by :O) in the coming months halos wala ng biyahe.

Oo nga no about the lines in our fingers pag mali ang sukat dun hindi maganda ang saing hehehe wagi.

Ang ganda ng costume ni Veda Bean i saw it :O) regards to Buddy.


miranila said...

Aba di byahe naman dito sa ating bansa kung ganoon.

Thanks nga pala sa GBR postcard. it arrived 2 days ago. Ganda. Ang impressive siguro ng snorkelling doon. Hay, dapat magschedule na ulit ng trip to apo island or apo reef.

hello ke amats

Honey Oliveros said...

Welcome home Day my dear!!! (ako din, baaaack...) Good to have you back again. :-)))) Praise God for His goodness, especially in bringing you safely home, complete with laptop and all the other stuff!

Hay, rice. P'reho tayo ng attitude jan as you know. But irony of ironies, one of the things the South Beach diet prohibits (am going back on it on Monday, boooohooooo) is RICE. Waaaah. Wish me luck!!

See you soon! Mwah!!!

Daisy said...

Hi Honey,

Welcome back from Bohol. How was your trip? Hope to see you real soon. :O)
Hehehe Nag South Beach Diet ka pala. I think pede ka pa rin mag rice--pero yung brown rice not the white one. In Phase 2 yata??? I read about it but did not actually try it myself.