Friday, November 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Lolo

Yesterday, November 3 is my Dad's 66th birthday. ( it was also my late sister's birthday Vicky). We celebrated it at our old small house in Santiago st. at Frisco with my sister Jinky's family Vico, Julius and loveable, huggable Jane! Amats and I went to buy the usual foodies palabok, cake and of course ice cream with the newest flavor in town, Sans Rival a creation of Selecta and Red Ribbon.

Some things do get better with age and i was inspired by Aloy's blog entry about her mom. I didn't realize how many years my father has logged. And I am thankful that he is in good health. Although yesterday Jinky said he bought the crispy pata ("kontraban" as we call it). We were singing Happy Birthday Lolo and had a great time yesterday.

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