Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Pie's entry

hi sis!
gusto ko lang sagutan ang questions mo .. ganda eh ... :)
1. all my travels have been very special since each trip is filled with snippets of wisdom, not to mention, truckload of opportunities to meet new friends and build lasting bonds.  however, the most special travel so far that I have had is my trip to Baguio with Pabs, my husband, for a gazillion and one reasons. 
To begin with, that trip was spontaneous.  We were not supposed to go to Baguio but to Bora instead for our honeymoon.  In fact, we even thought of spending it in Palawan but due to bad weather (for the former) and the unfriendly rates (of the latter) as we searched for packages, Baguio was not even an option but off we went.  and Boy! Did we enjoy it immensely! 
It was not my first time in Baguio but i felt that i was going around the place for the 1st time.  I was looking and appreciating the greens around me and enjoying the warmth of the people with a refreshed perspective.  There is hope in this world!  LIfe is beautiful. 
Such positive attitude could have been attributed to my being "high in love" since I just got married then.  could be.  however, i cannot discount the fact that I enjoyed the trip since I got reaffirmed that people could become better, could do good if they want to.  Take for example the cab drivers in Baguio, they do know that Pabs and I were tourists (we acted it!) but they never took advantage of us.  They gave us our change and never demanded extra if we went outside the City.   Then there are the hotel people and the tiangge vendors who are more than willing to share tips on where to get the cheapest find, etc.
one good deed could actually trickle down and be passed on among people.  it is a reaffirming fact too that such courtesy and honesty wouldnt have bene made possible if not for an exemplary leadership.  my hope that such also happens here in manila lives.  :)
2.  the single thing that makes my heart leap is to wake up every single day with Pabs beside me, and my family just outside our room, and enjoying the day with my loved ones.  i cannot thank God enough for the gift of life.  Every day is a renewed hope to do good and live life to the fullest.and sharing life with loved ones is an ultimate manifestation of God's generosity and love.
3. my heart's greatest desire is to be able to grow a family that is God-centered -- whose love and faith is overflowing, and whose compassion for others is infectious.  :)

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