Tuesday, August 16, 2005

tag, tag, tag

The double tag came from Joni, then Ella here are some thoughts:

1. What are the things you enjoy doing when there's no one around you?

Reading. One great treat for me is to be able to curl up in bed or in my favorite couch with a good book. I love reading, brings me to new places, introduces to me to people, inpires me to no end. Travel books and even cook books. The latest of which is "spicy salads" been reading on it and just looking at the pictures. I bought in on sale at Powerbooks Makati just last week.

Walking. Be it be around the village, around UP among those old growth trees to recuperate energy. I like taking time to walk. Sometimes if I have much energy to spare, I walk the malls.

Writing. Like now, time alone gives me the space to examine my own thoughts about the past days, writing about anything. Writing to friends. Writing on my blog. just writing.

Planning to Travel. This is my one great pastime. I can just sit here surf the net about places that I really want to visit. Just now I was dreaming of Milford Sound in New Zealand aka Middle Earth and how on earth I will be able to see Europe or Latin America.

Lounging in bookstores. If I have the luxury of time, I would spend hours on end alone at bookstores esp. at Powerbooks.

Cooking. I love experimenting in the kitchen (disclaimer: not because of Nigela) one of my favorite things to do since way back.


Stare at the Ocean. I do this a lot when I used to be assigned to the islands.

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

same as above and;

Stay put. cry. rant. be silent. rant. be silent.
Talk to Amats and friends.
If I have time and energy: I literally take a hike.
Climbing mountains. Hiking any trail, breathing in fresh air, sitting under trees and on jagged rocks, crossing rivers and seeing unnamed waterfalls;
Swimming and snorkelling. In the ocean or in the pool;
Hugs from Amats;
Playing with my baby niece Jane Allison;
Looking at old pictures;
Meiji Black.
Cat nap.

Pray some more.

3. tag five friends and post it in theirs.
Randee, Dada, Honey, Earnest, Darleth

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