Thursday, August 18, 2005

last night at He Cares

Last night was I think the 5th in the series of the CLS (Christian Life Series) that is being held at He Cares every Wednesday evenings where Amats and I volunteer to help out. We arrived a bit late for we had dinner at home first.

I was happy to be in the midst of many faces, friends, familiar faces, staff, the kids and the regular volunteers. I came just to help out but as the evening unfolds, I realized that He is talking to me again, gently reminding me about things that I have taken for granted. I am new in the area of ministering to others in a discussion group. As it always turns out, instead of hoping to help, I find myself the one in need of help. I felt I was the one being ministered with every word of the speaker. My own personal concerns pales in comparison to the palpable hardship in the stories behind these now familiar faces.

As we closed our sharings, and said our good nights at around 10, I mentioned that I will be away for about two weeks because of work. I mentioned to Marivic and Dyline that I will ask someone to let them join another group for a while, a slight tinge of saddness remained at the back of my mind. In the rush of the evening, I talked to Ate Brenda and asked her to please look after them, that I will be back soon.

Amazing indeed how God allows us to live the many dimensions of our lives--a life full of simple yet complex moments we open up ourselves to experience.

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