Friday, July 01, 2005

List of joys

Why did I start blogging? I had second thoughts if I should publish this or not. Today, as I was promted to share why.

To have a list of joys. It has always been the reason.

I cannot totally say that all the entries in this blog is all about joy. But basically it attempts to record my own take on a list of blessings that I have received. What really inspired me was a story about a person with cancer and knowing that she had little time to spend life on earth, she decided to list all the joys and blessings in her life.

At the end, she gave this to her loved one so that she would be remembered by her joys and the challenges she overcame in life. This would be a solid reminder of a life lived to the full--and will be well remembered. By doing this, she was not remembered struggling with her cancer, but through her own words how she has enjoyed a life full of blessings.

That particular day, and I guess also in the past, I pondered on what will I do if I know that my time is limited. What would I leave behind to be remembered? And It came to me the idea to put together a list of joys, big and small, what happened here and there, who I loved and places I've been.

I remember one of my friends in college called me a "Polyanna" which can have a double meaning but I would like to think that I would like to focus more and dwell on my joys rather than my sad moments. This is not to say that those have not made me stronger and a better person and that is why I include them also as challenges that have come to pass and the story told with a different perspective--one on the angle that in the end it became a source of strength and joy.

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