Monday, July 11, 2005

Conspiracy Theories

High heels are a conspiracy against women. I have used this particular line many times before. Especially during times when one is required to be in a formal attire, sunday's best or dressing on the better side. For anyone who knows me, rarely will anyone see me in heels even at my own wedding, the highest heel I own is about an inch which almost the same elevation as my trek shoes.

I really cannot understand it why women would choose to wear heels. Fashion? why would we follow fashion when it is downright un-comfortable? Duh!? Heels specially stilleto (tama ba spelling?) are a conspiracy it reminds me of the days when Chinese women were made to wear this super small steel shoes which National Geographic made a documentary of. It made me realize how I really appreciate walking flat on level ground when I read something that made me appreciate the simple things in life.

So, why did I write about high heels? Well I guess it was one of the residual thoughts from yesterday when we were doing the documentary shoot at El's place about how at very young age, gender difference are made through several influences and norms and one of those partly discussed was the choice of color. Association to color of pink or blue for the baby's dress and automatic gender just reflects how deeply ingrained in our conciousness the things that are the norm or what culture has ascribed to men and women.

Liberte, I am always thankful for the freedom of choice. Wearing heels is a choice but i still think it is one huge conspiracy against women to have comfortable walking lives.

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