Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Indigenous ID

In my recent readings, it mentioned about a book entitled "No Life Without Roots" (Verhelst, 1987). I cannot agree more to this. I have always been proud that I am Asian, Filipina and that I know where my ancestors once lived and the many indigenous stories and way of life that I have come to know. Indeed the value that I place to my roots is beyond me. Well what made me make an entry as such in the middle of my most limited time of all?

I cannot help but share this reading:
"Grassroots indicators are features of indigenous knowledge systems, which provide the means through which communities live, produce, survive and reproduce their natural resource bases. Indigenous knowledge systems have evolved through trial and error as a natural process of human beings interacting with environmental forces for the purpose of ensuring survival, progress and preservation of the community. It is these systems that have contributed to ensure the perpetuation of the natural resource we now enjoy both on national and international levels." (Kipuri, 1996)

Trivia: Kyoto Protocol was ratified and took effect on my birthday Feb 16.
Sino ba yun na hindi pumirma dun? Sila ang pasimuno sa pagkasira ng Inang Kalikasan.
Wala siguro silang ID.

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