Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Spiderman and Stephen Chow

What is common between these two characters? (mwehehe) In both their movies, the phrase: "With great power comes with great responsibility". My tummy ached as I watched Kung Fu Hustle and this was mentioned again amidst the martial arts. It was said in jest but meant to be serious.

I have heard this used in several talks both serious and commonly used as punch lines. When I participated in a solemn ceremony in one of my organizations, Jamby mentioned this particular qoute--in my mind I smiled as the image of Spidey passed my thoughts (hehe) I thought as if the solemnity of the event was momentarily broken. It was said in solemnity but in my mind it was bit funny.

But recently, in one of my daily readings, I came across the passage of Luke 12:48b. And I realized that this particular phrase does have scriptural basis. I smiled when I realized that we do not have just a serious God but a loveable funny loving God. He sends His message across in the most uncomplicated and funny ways.

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