Sunday, January 30, 2005

Second Chance and Secondhand Lions

Secondhand Lions was really a happy movie. Within the story is a story, this reminded me of my childhood days in Alaminos. I would listen to Tita Ching and Lola Abeng about their stories during the war in 1944. How the house I grew up was built in 1911 and that my great grandfather had helped build it.

As I had grown up with these two great ladies, Tita Ching and Lola Abeng,they had the most influence of how I developed my character and my love for nature. Along the way, in the many years of my growing pains, I realized that there are things to learn. Lessons which are more often learned by going through trials. And as Mr. Fulghum puts it "lessons are repeated until they are learned".

In the past three decades, I had many second chances. I thank God for always giving me the opportunity to re-learn my lessons. Lessons in loving, forgiveness and patience. Up until the other day I was struggling with issues of forgiveness. I pray for the grace to know that if situations calling for second chances comes by, I will be prepared. I just pray that when my time comes, I have learned well and hopefully "go with my boots on".

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