Friday, January 07, 2005

An Analogy

I was reading this book by Robert Fulghum and remembered something, he has a long discourse maybe a chapter if i remember it right, about the existence of God. He said that when we discuss or debate on the existence of God, its like we are fleas debating if there is a dog. mwe hehehe.

For the past three decades, I look back and thought it is so easy to be self centered and yet, I still exist because a Divine being has allowed me to. I am here for a purpose, a mission. And in hindsight, there are things that I thought I did on my own but shame on me because I didn't---like an ax delighting at all the chopped wood but without the woodchopper himself, there is no firewood.

Just remembered that at 33, Jesus completed His mission. And I am 33 and what?

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