Thursday, July 07, 2016

Glumslov and Lund

Glumslov was our home for the week in Sweden. The very first town center we visited was Lund. We walked the cobbled streets towards the cathedral. This is the town where Ate Rose goes to mass on Sundays but in a small chapel somewhere in one of the side streets. We attended the mass there when it was holy trinity Sunday. It was coincidence that the parish was having a special celebration. I remember the homily was about the "The Lover, the Beloved and Love". This is the first time that I heard how the holy trinity was described. God have always been our Lover, He loved us first. He is our Father. He gave His Beloved Son to us so that we can be saved and the Holy Spirit as Love. His presence every where. Thankful that I still remember these memories and moments during our trip. It was the Sunday we have with Ate Rose. That was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. After mass, we grilled some chicken in garden and spent that Sunday just at home in Glumslov remembering stories from childhood and just spending time with each other.

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