Friday, May 15, 2015

That thing

I can't stop looking at this photo. A sense of calming love when I look at them comfortable at each others arms. Their simplicity called no attention and yet it filled the space. A moment in time showing me once again that it really doesn't take much to have a full life and be filled with love. Sigh. It is always good to be reminded that you too have that and the people who really matter are just beside us. Their mere presence bring joy, comfort and warmth. A sense of being loved. This was taken at the Ben Cab museum in Baguio during our recent summer trip up North. When my heart is restless, one of the things that frees my mind is to travel, explore, and be in a different environment. My eyes are always peeled when I have my camera at hand. I was so blessed to see this couple. I can sense the love between them and the joy of being together, sharing a moment.

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