Saturday, January 18, 2014

great ordinary day

Today is a great ordinary day. Ordinary but unique enlightening and learning day. I felt alive again with the gift of knowing. Let me start by saying that I've been sick the past week since tuesday I think. It was a spiral downward feeling since then. On and off fever at night mostly, I can barely get up in the mornings as I feel feverish all the time. I just fought it with the usual self medication of sorts ( which I advise against). I felt weak the whole time, my asthma I felt is just about to attack at any moment. Amazing that I can still drive myself back and forth to work...I was waiting for Saturday to arrive so I can savor just sleeping in but my nasal drip is unforgiving. Its family day at the little girls school. I said maybe I won't be able to make it. But then, I said to myself I made myself work at work then not spend time with family? No. So, despite the weak body allergc rhinitis and fever and all I went...but by mid morning. I felt like collapsing. Vulnerable and weak...I haven't felt this weak in a long time. The program still not done but said to Tatay we should go. In the car I closed my eyes and mutterred...I am dying.(hayy drama ko)...that's how bad I felt. So for the longest time since I can remember..Amats brought me to the lung center. Never been there as a patient. I talked to a good doctor this morning.She gave right meds ...laughing with me I hope not at me but all the triggers of my allergy. Good thing it's not asthma. This afternoon I am feeling a bit better. While recuperating...I watched the movie About Time from the makers of Love Actually. And got the healing of a good cry and knowing a bit of the secret of life as it should be lived. It is a great day. A wonderful ordinary day of our extra ordinary lives. You have to watch it til the end to know. Thank God I have you in my life :)

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