Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Riding alone together

This morning I watched the sunrise. The air was cool and crisp as I just stare out and watch the darkness melt away. I just stared...taking it all in...pondering the love in my heart. Nine years indeed. Thank God for today. There were events leading up to our song do you measure a year in life? We just had our first ever his and hers medal for cycling. Why its a big thing for me? Because I only learned to ride a bike in my 20's. Ha! We spend these adventures together but also as individuals. This last tour we had, he was a marshal and I am just out there wanting to get photos, pictures that are truly mine. Unique and raw...something different and at some point thephotos took a life of their own and surprised myself. I also shared the insights and blessing of messages that came my way. Like in real life, we go our way and live our lives in the sea of humanity. Waves upon waves of bikers. Riding alone together. The peloton was huge, thousand bikers. I didn't see him during the ride. But I know he is there helping people. We arealone in our journey. But we are together. In our hearts we are together. To celebrate our anniversary, I pray to God and the Universe for more adventures together. Celebrating our own unique selves together. Loving Isay together. Sometimes you just dont realize how much I love you.

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