Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's Prayer

kindness, patience, peace. We celebrated the coming of the new year up in the cordillera.For a long time, I've been wanting to reflect more, read, ponder...write and of course photograph rare moments that will never pass us by again. On the look out for signs. Serendipity. And found will not be logical to share them all here or to even attempt to put them in writing. I guess I can for some of the most logical ones. Messages from Him are like silent whispers of prayer...that takes active listening. I found affirmations indeed of His love for us. In the simple things. One great reminder again, I learned a bit ashamedly on my side in the situation that happened...that indeed His plans are greater than ours. We have plans and ideas and preconceived notions that this is this and that is that... but putting the pieces together if we just let it flow...His plans are always always the best. He is a Father and He takes care of us indeed. Been wanting to post my resolutions for the new year but that is not my internal tradition. As I thought about it ...would be good to have a list to go back to in the future. But a few days ago, was inspired to write a prayer for the year. A mantra. kindness, patience, peace.

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