Friday, January 11, 2013

My No Impact Experiment

Next week will be the No Impact Week here at the office. Basically, the week long experiment will encourage people to lessen their carbon impact on the planet. Make an impact, by not making an impact. (Medyo hindi maganda yung tag line na yon...anyway). Last week when we were being invited to participate in the experiment, I was ambivalent at first as I have been doing most of the stuff that are being promoted. Until a day or two ago, I realized that this is the perfect opportunity to try my own experiment that I've been thinking of trying but haven't gotten a chance to try out. Yes so here goes... First stop I need to fill out the pre-experiment survey. I am sharing here some of the Q and As...for posterity! Q: No Impact Week is an experiment in lower-impact living. What will be the result of your experiment? What are your expectations for how it will affect your life? Please keep a copy of this hypothesis to refer back to it at the end of the week. My Answer: Most of the stuff for low impact I've done already. I haven't eaten red meat (pork and beef) since 1997, I always have reusable bag with me, reduced plastic, involved in environmental movements. But this one, presented a leveled up personal challenge for me. I will hope to conduct my own experiment if I can do this...if I can really bike to work from Quezon City. God help me! Let's do this! Q: What is your reason for taking part in the No Impact Week? My Answer: Conduct a personal experiment if I can bike to work. I've thought about it in the past but never got around doing it. The opportunity presented itself and I think it is time to take on the challenge. =) labpisnraknrol =)

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