Saturday, August 06, 2011

Tour of the Fireflies (Part 1)

Woke up early to prepare everything that we need for our first cycling adventure as a family. Bikes checked, cycling gloves check, arm protectors check, helmets check, giant kid carrier seat check, ice cold drinks in coolers check. For those who know me and climbed mountains with me, they know my philosophy. One should find a way to reward one's self upon reaching the summit or destination. An ice-cold rootbeer or gatorade, the drink of your choice is the best. The reason why I made sure that there is a cooler attached to my bike come the day of the Tour.

Got a new folding bike, named it Hannibal after the ancient general of old. Hannibal is one tough cookie I must say, you will know in the coming post why. That bit of the story deserves its own entry. Our maiden voyage was a great adventure--42 kilometers from Ortigas, Pasig to CCP, Manila Bay and back. Let me just say that I haven't a done any cycling for a long time until this day of the tour.

This adventure deserves a space in this blog for the ultimate experience that it is for me and our family. This is my little girl's first long haul cycling tour with Nanay and Tatay right here in one of the most challenging roads in the world - Manila, Philippines.

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