Monday, November 16, 2009

life in letters

Today we sent a letter to Ate Rose in Sweden for her coming birthday on the 21st ...we traced Isay's hand on the card and sent our love in words... and pictures.

I remember when I was younger I love receiving letters. I kept them all in the province at the old ancestral house where I grew up. Eventually they were thrown away while I was away... well to purge the house of trash. But anyway, that was a good memory keeping those letters and re-reading it when I was in grade school.

Funny how we easily forget of good memories. Try as I may, I cannot remember the details of those letters that gave so much joy. I guess that is the beauty of writing in a journal. You can remember those memories. Exactly how things happened... those words will transport you to the time that you were excited, elated or even scared. Sigh.

It is good to write.

Sad that people do not write anymore.

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