Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hof van Wageningen

This is where we are having our fellowship training on Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.

This is the very first time that I was able to see a "moat" as in a really moat like the ones you have in the fairytale castles. Amazing! I can see that moat everytime I look out my window from my very small room (I am guessing because we need to conserve the heat--save energy). It was 7 degrees the other day when I went out for a quick walk to the store to buy a adaptor plug.

The town is like a fortress or a walled city like Intramuros in Manila. The walls have come down but the beautiful moats are still here.

Wageningen pronounced as with matching wahhk of the throat. It is a University town here in NL. It reminded me of my days in UPLB.

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