Thursday, September 18, 2008

lunch at the Center of the Universe

Seattle's left bank renowned as its most artistically eccentric community, Fremont wavers whimsically somewhere in time between 50's or 60's and the 23rd century (excerpt from the Walking Guide in the photo). Fremont reminds me about Quezon City. The rocket is one of the many street art one can find while walking around Fremont. The rocket monument which marks the official Center of the Universe.

We went to have lunch with Mike and Le at Fremont's Blue Sushi. Its an authentic sushi bar complete with conveyor belt or kaiten. This was my very first time to eat in a kaiten Japanese restaurant. I realized much later into the meal that the price of the sushi is based on the color of the plate. You can just pick up from the conveyor belt or if you want something specific and cannot find it in the kaiten, you can order it directly from the crew. It was one of the best Japanese food I've tasted in a long time.

Blue Sushi 2066342575 at 3411 Fremont Ave.

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