Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the subway

I was thrilled to take the subway. The NYC subway system is the most complicated train system I've been to. I cannot say bar none because I've never been to Europe yet. But I love it!!! Among all the train systems I've tried from HK to Sydney, hands down NYC is by far my most challenging experience to date. It is also one of the oldest subway system I've been to. Tama ba over 100 years na ito?

It was a Sunday when I arrived in NYC and got on the subway from Flatbush armed with M's unlimited pass, I explored the City. They actually warned me that during weekends, the trains sometimes change their routes because of some maintenance work. This is the particular reason why I took the second photo above. It took me a while to learn to go around. I always take pride to learn the cheapest form of transportation of the place I visit. I do like to be pampered and just be on the passenger seat. But I am really happy to be able to go around not just on a cab but really learn to go about like how the locals do it. I love people watching on the train but I've been warned not to make eyeball on the NY subway if I want to stay out of trouble. I can feel the adrenalin rush and all that energy of people coming and going.

I love exploring the Big Apple.

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