Thursday, August 14, 2008


The American Museum of Natural History is in my "must see" list. It is indeed the most interesting museum that I've ever ever visited. I went straight to the 4th floor where the dinosaur collection is and worked my way down to the other exhibits. Amazing collection from pre-historic to modern. I will be posting more about the space exhibit and the discover the ocean.

Basic entrance to AMNH starts at 18US$ and if you want to watch the special shows like the planetarium and other exhibits, you have to pay more. I got info from a good friend that these prices are really suggested entrance admission fees. What you can do, if you are really on a shoe string budget in NY, you can just say that you can only pay xx amount that you can afford. And that is exactly what I did. In the photo above you would see how much I paid. One day is not enough to really experience the whole museum. You just need to come back.

I loved the experience so much I wished that baby and Tatay was with me. I bought my usual ref magnet and a dark green triceratops stuff toy for baby.

I'll be back.

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