Friday, March 28, 2008

my first webclass

I just finished Oprah's A New Earth webclass. I've finished distance learning and already earned my master's degree in an Open University but this new experience enabled me to truly appreciate the technology we actually have now literally in our fingertips. I've been using Skype for work as I work from home office while I work with my colleagues within the Asia Pacific and sometimes in North America. But I am blown away seeing Oprah being amazed at the technology. Amazing.

What struck me most today is my learning and re-learning. This phrase is another "aha" moment.

"What you resist, persist" -Eckhart Tolle

It is similar to Robert Fulghum's lessons are repeated until they are learned. And also to Star trek's "resistance is futile".

We can only change something if we have already accepted it. We cannot struggle against anything that is already is and have come to be. We should accept it first before so as to create the space to make way for the change to occur.

One of the most recent experience that i had was when I lost my wallet. Isay and I went to the bank we rode a tricycle. I have my wallet in my hand where I keep my cards but it has no cash. Apparently it fell somewhere between the tryke and the ATM machine. We traced our steps but cannot find it. My mind was racing I kept thinking first it must be somewhere and the loss have not settled in. I went about reporting the loss of my cards and others. My mind was racing thinking of several things this and that what should i do. report it? where? Alot of things just passed through my mind. Unsettling thoughts. Until finally, in my mind I accepted that it was lost. But then while walking along, I prayed to God that hopefully someone will return. Anyway, I just let it go and thought "oh well, there goes the memories attached to the items there". My first ever 1999 scuba diver c-card, my driver's license, I don't worry too much about the bank cards because they are replaceable but the nostalgia of the Sagada wallet passed through my mind but after that i thought, well, another lesson learned. And I left it at that. I felt a certain finality within me that it was lost.

We ate ice cream then went home. Upon returning home our security guard informed us that someone came by to return the wallet. To make the long story short, I got everything back. But a powerful feeling came over me. I realized that only after I let it go and accepted it, that what was lost was found. Without me doing anything actively, it came back effortlessly.

Looking at it in another way, it was indeed, another answered prayer.


Senor Enrique said...

Believe it or not, Daisy, I, too, had joined Oprah's online workshop (a gift from my friend). The result was I got into writing which led me to blogging :)

I've also taken writing classes at News University online site :)

Intersting story about your lost wallet. I'm glad you got it back.

Daisy said...

Hi Senor Enrique

Thanks for visiting :)

Wow ang galing naman nakakatuwa :) it is good to know that you also took Oprah's workshop. She is in a way like a distant mentor. She inspires me the way she gives back to others.

Thanks for the info about other online writing class it would be interesting also to explore those.

Yes the wallet story and this is not the first time that I lost something and it came back.

Thank God!

sige po! God bless.

Sidney said...

Distance learning will for sure open a lot of new perspectives for people in the future. It is just the beginning!