Monday, October 29, 2007

Lugar lang

Just got back from Iloilo City. I just love the way people speak in this province. They speak in a sing song tone of voice and the words completely different from Tagalog. Whenever I am there I try to speak Ilonggo. In the jeep, instead of saying "para" to ask the driver to stop the jeep, people would say "lugar lang" or simply "lugar".

Some of my favorite words are "palihog" which means "please" or "can I request". These are some of the words that I practice speaking when I am out there. I also realized that people tend to listen to you more when you use the words in a tone very similar to local tongue.
Sometimes it feels that you are in another country. Just traveling outside of Manila brings a whole new experience in relating to the local people. We have hundreds of different local dialects in the country. It's amazing how rich our Philippine culture really is.

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