Sunday, September 30, 2007

thoughts on proudly Filipina

I was watching proudly Filipina on Qtv 11 the other day and the guest was Winnie Monsod. Earlier that day I mentioned in passing to someone unintentionally the idea of migrating. The person I was talking to was curious which country. I mentioned maybe that country or that. But I instantly caught myself and told the truth that no we really do not have definite plans yet.

Then, that evening I was watching Prof. Monsod. Then she shared: "You know what I tell my students, if you go abroad to study is Ok, but if you go abroad and live there permanently, ayyyy naku when I die, I will go back from the grave and haunt you". Then she added: "It is funny, but (pointing a finger in her head) they remember."

I was just fascinated by the life of this woman. I also believe that there is no coincidence. The things that you need to hear comes to you in many forms. It manifest in many ways. It is only up to us to recognize these messages.

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