Sunday, August 26, 2007

Youth Camp part I

Our dive monitoring schedule for the weekend was cancelled. But I feel great that I am able to join my mountaineer group UP Lakay Kalikasan in this year's Youth Camp!

Yesterday, friends old and new, together with other volunteers and servants trooped to Mt Makiling for the one day's activity in cooperation with Lingkod Alabang as co-organizers and Starbucks and Julie's as food sponsors for the event.

This is my first environmental education youth camp that is conducted only for one day. The previous 3 camps I helped organize in Palawan and Batangas were usually 3 to 4 days. All of them previously were coastal communities.

I was really excited to go back to my old campus at UPLB at the Jamboree site where we conducted the activity. Here, I would like to share some of beautiful images of the venue of the Youth Camp.

I feel so rejuvenated and blessed to be able to volunteer! I'll be sharing more about the kids and activities in the coming post!

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