Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Youth Camp part 3

Danica holding a picture of a Dugong (sea cow) an endangered species which can be found in Palawan and Mindanao sea grass areas. When asked if they know Dugong, some said yes, asked where did they saw a dugong? "Sa marina po!" not at the pier but the old primetime series on tv "Marina". I learned alot from these kids as well. During the web of life exercise, we discussed about the relationship of mushrooms or "kabute" with the rain sa "ulan", one of the kids said, you can only harvest mushrooms after a rainshower with thunder. Asked why he knows this, Rodolfo told us that he helps his father gather mushrooms before, and they do it after the rain the next morning. We were inspired by the practical knowledge of these kids.

Later I asked tatay if he knows about it, he said "Remember in science class about nitrogen fixing bacteria"?

When asked what is the relationship of fish and the sun. "Pag nainitan po yung isda magiging daing!" hahahaha which is so true!

Maraming salamat sa Starbucks for sponsoring the food and miryenda for the youth camp. Salamat din sa Julie's na hindi papahuli sa sarap din ng kanilang mga padalang pagkain. Thank you so much. I've never tasted these pastries from Starbucks. After the kids had their fill, I wrapped a waffle for tatay. I was a bit sad that I wasn't able to share this day with him.
At the end of the day, Lakay volunteers, Lingkod servants and happy kids went home.

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