Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lunch time in Fiji Islands

I was excited to have a taste of local cuisine again. On our first day, lunch was served buffet style at the Seaside Bistro at the University of South Pacific. Here is a sampler of the delicious local food we had that day. The local staple is taro or "gabi" in Filipino, see the ones on the blue plate. This is the equivalent of rice to Pinoys and potatoes to the Americans. The next one is fresh fish flakes in coconut milk with vegetables. Taro leaves are also used in many local dish. There is evidence of Indian influence, roti is freshly made everyday and available at the local canteen. I love roti. And last but not the least curried beans to go with the roti. This is my third time to visit Fiji and this is the only time that I am able to take photos of local food. More stories to come in future post! Enjoy!

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