Tuesday, July 31, 2007

living it up-- on the beach

About 3 kilometers from Moi Wu near the village of Pui O Wan is this public beach in Lantau Island. Can you imagine a beautiful beach like this can be Hong Kong? Indeed it is, and I thought I can really live here. Our Ninong and Ninang who are originally based in Palawan now lives a stone's throw away from this place. Now I understand why.

I love this pocketful of memories. This is the first time that Isay enjoyed playing and exploring the beach. She wanted to swim as she played with the on coming waves. She rolled on the sand. Feeling her way through the sand...there are more pictures but I can only post a few. We will look at it again and enjoy this moment together when she is a bit older.

We love the beach. Traveling together and exploring the world is one of our joys indeed. Thank God for these blessings.

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