Saturday, June 23, 2007

Isay's Birthday cake

Isay's cake is made with lots and lots of love. The whole concept I got from birthday pictures on the net and long kwentuhan with Rolyn. The main square cake is home baked chocolate cake with butter cream frosting. This is specially made by Nina of Toni's which is much much less in price compared to commercially made cakes. Plus! it is baked with love and affection. The cupcakes Tatay bought from Eunilane these ordinary cupcakes that came in a variety pack of chocolate, butter, and pandan flavors. The frosting is marshmallow frosting given for free by Nina. The chocolate droplets and candy sprinkles I got when Rolyn, Hannah and I went to Choco lovers in Kitanglad St. near welcome rotonda. I also got the stars and butterflies at Choco lovers for about 20 pesos per dozen or more I think. The candle I got from Goldilocks for only 12 pesos. We almost lost it during the prep hahaha the dangers od do-it-yourself things. The Dora doll as a cake topper was a gift from Hannah, they gave it a week earlier. We assembled all of these a couple of hours before the party. I made the first cupcake frosting samples. When Nine and Mayer arrived, they helped finish the whole set up. It turned out really well. Looks expensive but I spent only a fraction of the cost of the theme cakes available in the popular bakeshops.

Thank you to all the loving hands that helped prepare this 1st birthday cake of Isay. I want to blog about this so she can read it here that there were so many loving hands that helped prepare for her special day. Our love and thanks goes out to all of you!

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