Saturday, April 21, 2007

twin towers

I always thought that to be able to get to Baguio cathedral you have to climb these hundred set of steps. For the longest time I had that notion. It was fairly recently when I realized that there is this road just beside it. You can actually get down from the taxi cab just a few steps from the entrance. I noticed that they built a "shade" right in front of the main entrance. I deleted that part in this picture. It doesn't fit the architecture. I guess there was a need for it when it rains. But I hope that they built it to blend with the old structure.

I call the cathedral the twin towers. I just realized now that there is this clock in one of them. This just proves that even though I've visited the city of pines several times, there are still new things to discover. The wonders of photography is that it makes me more attentive to details than before.

This shot was taken last Sunday just after the 6 am mass.

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