Friday, March 16, 2007

futility of constant complaint

One of the things that encouraged me to climb mountains is the opportunity for me to build character. I know myself. I know that I complain a lot. When I read an article about mountaineering, this passage stuck to me: "the futility of constant complaint." I realized that I needed to change that. Climbing mountains is not an easy task. I love challenges. I want to do things that enables me to go beyond what I perceive to be my limit. After arduous training preparation, I was able to carry a load up the peak. The physical training helped me build strength to carry the load and enjoy the view while hiking. I believe that the experience enabled me to change my ways. My perspective of things shifted. Indeed it is futile to complain. I guess I was trapped to the thinking: "the squeaky wheel gets the oil". But I need to remind myself time and again, that we need to actively find the solution ourselves.

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